Getting Crayon off an LCD TV

My son has, on three separate occasions, found it necessary to write in crayon on my LCD TV. To be specific, this is a Samsung 46" LN-T4665F TFT LCD, and I've used this procedure three times since 2008-05 with no ill effects whatsoever. This isn't going to be quick, so set aside a fair amount of time.
  • Peanut Oil - I bought mine at the grocery store near the other cooking oils.
  • Window cleaner - I just use generic Target window cleaner.
  • Paper towels - If you're worried about scratching (I've never noticed any), use a few soft towels or cloths.
I'm sure this will make some people cringe, saying that the harsh chemicals will destroy the surface of the screen and the towels will scratch it. Again, this has worked well for me and my TV, but don't blame me if you have problems. Take your time and whatever you do, don't let the liquids drip, especially not to the bottom of the screen. They could get inside the screen and screw up your picture.
  1. Turn the TV off, let it cool down for 5-10 minutes.
  2. Darken the room; this will make it easier to identify residue.
  3. Pour a small amount of the peanut oil into a microwave-safe bowl and heat it in 30-second increments until it's warm to the touch.
  4. Dip the corner of one of the towels into the oil and gently rub at the crayon mark until it comes up. It shouldn't take much effort or pressure, just a little patience. Repeat this step for all the crayon marks, trying not to spread the oil around more than necessary.
  5. Spray a bit of your window cleaner on a clean towel just so it's damp. Squeeze if out if necessary to avoid dripping. DO NOT SPRAY THE TV ITSELF. Make sure you have a dry towel nearby as well.
  6. Clean off a small area, 4-6 inches square, with a circular motion. This should pick up most of the oil, but wipe again with a different part of the damp towel.
  7. Before it dries, wipe the area with the dry towel to get all the window cleaner.
  8. Get close to the area you're cleaning at an acute angle to the screen and look for smudges; oil doesn't come off easily, but it will come off.
Persevere. Repeat the wiping and drying steps until your area is clear, then continue to the next.
Good luck!

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