Activate the T-Mobile G1 without a data plan

I can't afford the data plan for my T-Mobile G1, and in fact I use prepay, but it's possible to use nearly all of its features with just wifi. When I first got the phone prior to the Cupcake firmware update, I had to borrow a friend's SIM that had been provisioned for data to accomplish this, but it seems Cupcake has made that unnecessary. Since my SIM never has been used for a data plan, I don't have to worry about using my prepaid minutes for data transfer, but your results may vary. Here's how to activate the G1, and likely the MyTouch 3G as well, without a data plan:
  1. Welcome
    Tap the android.
  2. Tutorial
    Go through if needed, otherwise touch Skip.
  3. Set up your Google account
    Touch Skip under Want to set up an account later?.
  4. Location consent
    Accept or not at your discretion.
  5. You're in. You can make calls, but Google apps aren't linked yet. Touch the Menu button, touch Settings, then Wireless controls.
  6. If the Wi-Fi checkbox isn't lit, touch it to turn it on, then touch Wi-Fi settings to connect to a network.
  7. Once you've connected, touch the Back button twice to get back to main settings.
  8. Touch Data synchronization.
  9. Set up your Google account
    Since you're on wifi, activation is no problem. Touch Next.
  10. Setting up your T-Mobile G1
    Touch Sign in.
  11. Welcome to T-Mobile G1
    Enter your Google email and password, touch Sign in.
  12. The phone will communicate with the Google servers, then start synchronizing your Gmail, Calendar, and Contacts.
  13. It is done.
I've used a Palm PDA for many years, and the G1 has turned out to be a great replacement and cell phone, so I have one less gadget to carry around. and when I'm within range of wifi, there are lots of cool features to play with.

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