Getting Crayon off an LCD TV

My son has, on three separate occasions, found it necessary to write in crayon on my LCD TV. To be specific, this is a Samsung 46" LN-T4665F TFT LCD, and I've used this procedure three times since 2008-05 with no ill effects whatsoever. This isn't going to be quick, so set aside a fair amount of time.
  • Peanut Oil - I bought mine at the grocery store near the other cooking oils.
  • Window cleaner - I just use generic Target window cleaner.
  • Paper towels - If you're worried about scratching (I've never noticed any), use a few soft towels or cloths.


Using Gmail with Postfix on Ubuntu

Postfix is a dependency of mdadm, but it took me a couple of separate attempts to get it configured to use Gmail as its SMTP relay. There are a lot of good Postfix tutorials out there, but this post will detail the steps I took for my particular situation. I'm currently running Ubuntu 11.10 Server 64-bit, so I needed mdadm to be able to send me notification emails, and I already had CA and server certs for Apache and ProFTP, so I'll skip those steps here.


OpenGrok on Ubuntu w/ Tomcat6

A friend of mine turned me onto OpenGrok a couple of years ago, so when we migrated from CVS to SVN at work I set it up on one of our dev webapp servers to give my team a way to search the repository. The thing I like the most about it is that it does syntax highlighting of your source so you can easily browse without checking a project out into an IDE. There are a lot more advanced features, but that's the one I appreciate the most since I do a lot of browsing of legacy code.


Activate the T-Mobile G1 without a data plan

I can't afford the data plan for my T-Mobile G1, and in fact I use prepay, but it's possible to use nearly all of its features with just wifi. When I first got the phone prior to the Cupcake firmware update, I had to borrow a friend's SIM that had been provisioned for data to accomplish this, but it seems Cupcake has made that unnecessary. Since my SIM never has been used for a data plan, I don't have to worry about using my prepaid minutes for data transfer, but your results may vary. Here's how to activate the G1, and likely the MyTouch 3G as well, without a data plan: